Do you buy clothes?

We do. At the moment we buy from our shop in Bridgnorth and advertise what we are currently buying on our social media pages. Check there before contacting us. We only buy what we need. Please read the buying guide before bringing us anything or making an appointment to sell to us.

We aim to extend our buying nationally in the future.

Do you sell baby/kids equipment?

Not at the moment. Our unit is not currently big enough to store these items, but we hope to be able to offer this service in the future.

How do you decide on your prices?

You will notice we have set prices for most items on our site. We don't believe in adding ridiculous price tags to things that were originally designer. Our entire ethos is to help you clothe your Smalls for less. We deal in large numbers so don't need to hike our prices. The Small Club should be where you can get all sorts of brands, for great prices. 

Can I still buy in your shop?

Sadly no. We loved having the physical shop and the play café but we have had to make a decision to focus our attention on the online shop. This way we can absolutely laden our rails and bring you more of what you love. If you are local to the shop though, you can still collect your online purchase. This means all those customers who have been with us since the beginning can still pop in - and we still get to see those glorious Smalls. Just select 'Click and Collect' from the drop down box under 'Delivery Country'.

What happens to any clothes you can't sell?

A mixture of things. Sometimes when we are quality assuring and photographing our items, we might spot a defect; a small stain, or just too many bobbles. These items are added to a bag we initially offer to a local women's refuge. If they can't take it, the next stop is our local food bank. After that we go to a local textile recycling charity who work with a variety of good causes. 

We are also going to add a 'Scruffs' category to our page. We know the state these kids get into playing and generally living their best lives. How cool would it be to be able to get clothes at teeny tiny prices for just this occasion?! Any money we make from our 'Scruffs' category will be donated to local good causes. Because if we can give back, we should!

How are the items prepared?

When we buy in anything, we ask that it is freshly washed and neatly folded. We are not above throwing a load in our own washing machine to freshen it up! Your items will come as they have been stored (on hangers in our unit). It is totally up to you whether you would like to wash them before use.